Raider Rambler seeks writers, photographers, designers

The Raider Rambler online student newspaper is seeking additional writers, web designers, videographers and photographers for its staff. Students who love to write, talk to people, and want to get more involved with their school should attend the next Raider Rambler club meeting on Monday, April 10 at 3:20 p.m. in A-13. Students who are unable to attend but are still interested, should contact Alice Hutchinson, club adviser, in A13 or at Students can also contact the editors, Abbey Nickerson, junior and Sara Crouch, senior.

Reynolds High School spring break carnival

Reynolds High School is hosting Raider Days: A Spring Break Carnival presented by Davis Shows Northwest Friday, March 24th through Sunday, April 2nd. Proceeds from the carnival will assist in supporting student activities at the high school.  Located in the RMS parking lot and open to the public this event will offer a variety of rides, games and concessions for all ages.  RHS is committed to being good to its neighbors and is working closely with the City of Fairview to ensure noise ordinances are observed.

Racquetball team goes to state

Tucker McKee- 4th boys, #2 doubles red

Kai Morse Plies- 3rd boys, #6 white

Matthew Beitler- 4th boys, #2 doubles red & 2nd boys, #3 singles

Justin Juul- 2nd boys, #11 3 doubles

Josh Blegen- 3rd boys, #4 singles red

Nick Blegen- 1st boys, #5 singles white

Ryan Tilton- 2nd boys, #2 singles blue & #1 doubles

Bailey Thalman- 3rd boys, gold