Raider 2 Raider has family night

The first Raider 2 Raider Family Night was held on February 16. The aim of the family night was to help students new to the country feel included in the Reynolds school community and to inform parents about how they can be involved in their children’s education at Reynolds. In addition, it was an opportunity for families to meet and interact with other parents.

Outdoor School seeks high school student leaders

MESD Outdoor School, the Portland metro-area outdoor science public education program for 6th graders is looking for high school student leaders. As a student leader, you take care of a cabin group of eight 6th graders overnight, during meals, and times in between for a week.Throughout the days you are given a group of six to eight students for 2 three hour blocks each day in which you teach about one of the four subjects: water, plants, animals and soil. At MESD Outdoor School, teaching is individual and hands-on; leaders teach students through experiments and nature activities.