Survey: How do RHS Students Feel About the Binder?

This school year, the administrative office has put into action a school wide policy that requires all students have a 3-ring binder among other school supplies. Since the school has never required this before we gave a survey to approximately 100 underclassmen (freshman and sophomores) and about 100 upperclassmen (juniors and seniors). The survey simply asks students how they feel about the binder and how it has affected them.

Senior Portrait Deadline Fast Approaching

The yearbook staff’s primary goal for the senior section is to have an individual color portrait of each senior included for publication. The easiest and least expensive way of achieving this goal is to encourage all seniors to be sure to have their school I.D. picture taken at RHS at the start of the school year. Those seniors, however, who choose to submit a color portrait taken by another professional, must submit it electronically by Friday, December 9. The yearbook staff will use the alternate professional quality

Living History Day 2016 November 9th

Now in its 6th year, Living History Day has become a Reynolds High School tradition.  Enjoy the day and remember to honor our beloved veterans.  In 2015 those of us lucky enough to be in Mr. Wardle's room got to hear a poem written and read by Vietnam War Veteran John Ratliff.  We have posted it below with permission from John.

A Tribute to Al Avery

I was walking the halls of the College Inn
When above the normal din
I heard the announcer say
That a helicopter had been
Shot down today.