Bond Progress Update

The Raider Rambler staff sat down with Principal Bakely to discuss the progresson the school's construction. He had this to say - "Next fall, the counseling area will be be done as well as the front vestibule. Once school gets out the administrative offices will move to the counseling office, and construction will begin on the new special ED classes at the end of the short N hallway." All of this construction is scheduled to be finished by fall of 2018. In addition to this the reffited science classrooms will be ready to take on students in the fall.

Club Showcase a success

The first Reynolds Club Showcase was hosted on Friday, May 5 from 6-8 PM in the RHS Multipurpose Room. A chance for clubs to showcase what they accomplished during the 2016-2017 year, 20 out of the 32 after school clubs at RHS participated in this event according to ASB Commissioner of Arts and Culture Jasmine Teeny.


“The Club Showcase was a night dedicated to showing family and friends the amazing activities/events each club has done over this past school year,” said Teeny.

Raider Rumble ready to roll

The Raider Rumble will be taking place this Friday, May 19 from 12-3. This year, activities will include a giant tricycle race, tie-dye, henna, a hungry hippo inflatable, a petting zoo, a talent show, volleyball, basketball, and soccer tournaments and many more. The carnival ride will be “The Tornado” and food options will include the Chicken Sundae Truck, the Taco Truck, Elephant Ears, J Gelati, Jamba Juice, Voodoo Doughnuts, Black Rock, Fruit stand, and the Raider Grill.