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Bond construction begins at Reynolds High School

Bond construction begins at Reynolds High School

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Bond construction begins at Reynolds High School

Mon, 03/13/2017 - 16:15
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Construction workers and equipment have set up shop on the Reynolds High School campus. With the funds from the bond passed in 2015, the high school has begun renovations and repairs. The construction is temporary, but will be ongoing.

"While it may not look like it, a lot of people have been working on this bond since 2014, when it was just an idea. Having been in two different committees that discussed and evaluated information and how that's relevant to this project I'm blown away by the progress. While not all of it is visible, the simple fact that it's passed, scheduled, and started is a victory on its own,” said Senior Graham Ring, who is a student representative on the Reynolds School Board.

The temporary fencing, utilities work, and other work site preparations have begun at different locations around campus. Construction trailers, vehicles, materials, and other items will be placed in the north parking lot of the school. A large amount of temporary fencing will go in over spring break and maybe in weeks prior. Major sections of the floor in the commons have been removed to begin further work this spring and summer.

The construction of the high school will be made up of remodeling and renovation in many areas of the school. Each of the current science classrooms will be remodeled and outfitted with new materials and additional science classrooms will be added to the building in the completion of a new wing. The cafeteria and food services areas of the school will be expanded to handle more students during breakfast and lunch service and the commons will be extended to accommodate passing students. The counseling office and attendance office, nurse and community partners of the high school will be relocated to the front of the school where parents and students will be able access all theses resources more easily.

The gyms and CTE classrooms will be connected to the main building and arts building. A new courtyard will be located between the main building and the CTE classrooms. Construction will begin in the breezeway area to connect the main building to the gym during spring break. Additionally a new bus exit to 257th and site excavation for the new science wing will begin construction during spring break. Renovations in the main building include the remodel of the existing science classrooms and construction of the new counseling, attendance and nurse’s offices as well as the main office will begin this summer.

Renovations will continue into the 2017-2018 school year. This will include the construction of the new wing and additional classrooms, the expansion of the food service area and the commons expansion which will take place over both winter and spring breaks.

“Big changes are coming soon. The new Troutdale Elementary groundbreaking is actually on March 9th.There's also an RHS groundbreaking ceremony on the 15th! It's open to the public and you can see the official start of work being done at our high school as well,"  Ring said.

Abbey Nickerson