Abbey Nickerson

Abbey Nickerson is a junior. This is her second year writing for the newspaper. Abbey writes mostly informative articles and sometimes investigative journalism articles.  She is currently on varsity cheerleading. Abbey enjoys reading, watching “The office” (U.S), and walking her dogs. She hopes to attend the University of Washington to study history and foreign languages.

Latest posts

Bond Progress Update

The Raider Rambler staff sat down with Principal Bakely to discuss the progresson the school's construction. He had this to say - "Next fall, the counseling area will be be done as well as the front vestibule. Once school gets out the administrative offices will move to the counseling office, and construction will begin on the new special ED classes at the end of the short N hallway." All of this construction is scheduled to be finished by fall of 2018. In addition to this the reffited science classrooms will be ready to take on students in the fall.

Arts Scholarships

We have two arts scholarships, the $1500 Heath Anderson Fine Arts Scholarship, and the $300 Reynolds Arts Leader Scholarship. Perhaps there is room or time for the newsletter? The due date for completed applications to be accepted is April 21st.  For more information the scholarship application details and paperwork.

Racquetball team goes to state

Tucker McKee- 4th boys, #2 doubles red

Kai Morse Plies- 3rd boys, #6 white

Matthew Beitler- 4th boys, #2 doubles red & 2nd boys, #3 singles

Justin Juul- 2nd boys, #11 3 doubles

Josh Blegen- 3rd boys, #4 singles red

Nick Blegen- 1st boys, #5 singles white

Ryan Tilton- 2nd boys, #2 singles blue & #1 doubles

Bailey Thalman- 3rd boys, gold